Paperback Re-Covery

One of the great things about DIY publishing is, if you don’t like the cover of your book, you can always change it. I try to resist doing this too often because it can create a bit of confusion among readers. Still, when I’m dissatisfied with a book cover, it nags at me until I can’t take it anymore and have to replace it with a better, more thematically appropriate and visually striking one. Hence, I recently redesigned the covers for my novels Master of the Moors and Currency of Souls.

While I was in the spirit of things, I also went ahead and made my collection Milestone and the new novella Blanky available in paperback editions with spiffy covers of their own.


You can find all of these titles in digital and paperback on Amazon.

NOTE: The digital edition of MASTER OF THE MOORS is currently on sale for the next few days.


3 thoughts on “Paperback Re-Covery

  1. The original book cover for Kin was the best, since I bought the book from Amazon with the original cover artwork and they changed it to the current cover which I find very disappointing that I wish I could purchase a DRM free version so that I could restore the original cover. Book covers is one issue that I have contacted Amazon on several occasions. One involved an author that used cover art from very popular authors of pulp paperbacks from the past. In that instance they changed all the covers. One I have has a cover from sleaze master Orrie Hitt, which happened to be DRM free so I downloaded it to my laptop and saved it on a book management program. cover art from ebooks released in the last five years, like nighthawk books which currently sales ebooks on Amazon of deceased authors. Two covers where on books that where released by Hard Case Crime one being the Colorado Kid. I contacted the publisher by email and the covers where changed before the day was over.

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