25 Short Horror Movies

While the majority of these are predictable and rather uninspired, relying too heavily on jump scares, gotcha moments, and J-horror-style entities, a couple of them are pretty good (though naturally my ego demands I omit the adaptation of my own “Peekers” from any of these accusations  Grin.)

If you want to skip through the dodgy ones, my recommendations are:

“He Took His Skin Off for Me”, “The Little Witch”, “Alma” (which is like Pixar on crack), “The Black Hole”, “The Whistler”, “Endless”, “Red Balloon”, and “Doppelganger”.




One thought on “25 Short Horror Movies

  1. Hi Kealan! Thank you for sharing these shorts. My favorite was number 11, The Black Hole. It kept reminding me of The Twilight Episode where the little girl falls into some sort of hole in time/space, and her father has to rescue her. HIs neighbor tells him to hurry because half of his body is in the room, and the other half inside the hole, and it’s closing quickly. I liked the ending to this story of The Black hole. Take care my friend!

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