From the Catalogue: Halloween Horror

Halloween is my favorite time of the year, the one in which I feel most inspired to write the dark stuff. It’s hard not to when ghouls and ghosts adorn every door and the days begin to smell like damp earth and smoke. Already this season I’ve penned two short stories and two essays set in or around Halloween, and I’m about to start another one. The likelihood is though, that given how slowly the wheels of publishing turn, you won’t see these until next year, so here are some of the Halloween stories I’ve written that are already out there for you to pick up if you so desire.


Although not my first published novel, this was the first one I successful completed, by offering a chapter a week to subscribers through my newsletter back in 2002. The story is an homage to the classic Hammer horror films of yesteryear, and is set in the fog shrouded village of Brent Prior in England at the turn of the 20th century. Long before The Strain popularized the concept of strigoi, I employed them to terrorize my poor villagers by means of an equally nasty infection, only in Master of the Moors, the monsters are closer to hideously mutated werewolves than vampires.


A collection of my short horror stories set either at Halloween or in the fall season. dead leavesIncluded are “Someone to Carve the Pumpkins”, “Haven”, “How the Night Receives Them”, “Tonight the Moon Is Ours”, “The Toll”, “Will You Tell Them I Died Quietly?”, “Not While I’m Around”, and “The Tradition”. Also included in the book are a new introduction, and a list of my recommended books and movies for Halloween.


the tollIf collections aren’t your thing and you’d prefer a short sharp shock to enjoy with your pumpkin pie, this tale about an industrialist who wakes to find himself in a coffin with only a lantern, a note, and a “coffin bell” for company should do the trick.

So those are my Halloween offerings. Thank you in advance if you choose to try out any of them, and Happy Halloween!


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