R.I.P. Graham Joyce

Graham Joyce portraitI’m reluctant to log in to Facebook or Twitter anymore, as it seems quite often the first thing I see is the news that another colleague or friend is gone, and the frequency of such sad news over the past few years has been terrible.

Today, I was devastated to hear that Graham Joyce has passed away. In addition to being a phenomenal author and a great guy, his frequent spirited updates about the cancer he was enduring were, to say the least, inspirational. Somehow he turned the darkest event in his life into a source of humor, so much so that he frequently had me chuckling about a subject that’s never funny.

I read his novel THE TOOTH FAIRY in my teens (it ranks as one of my favorite horror/dark fantasy novels of all time) and have been a fan of his books ever since. I am also, and will continue to be, a fan of the man who wrote them, for all he taught me about where to find the light in the dark.

R.I.P. Graham, and thank you. You, and your words, will be deeply missed.


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