THEATER MACABRE Limited Edition & Trade Paperback

The good folk at Bad Moon Books have announced preorder information for my collection THEATER MACABRE, scheduled for release in July. Previously only available as a digital title, Bad Moon will be releasing the collection in two states: a signed limited edition hardcover ($30.00) and a trade paperback ($17.95). The book features nineteen stories, a lot of them uncollected until now, and wonderful Barkeresque cover art by newcomer Jake Spooner.


A hooded figure wanders a lonesome road waiting for a special someone…A criminal returns home to face old memories and new nightmares…A man awakes to find himself living in a mirror image of reality…and diners at a restaurant find themselves confronted with a terrifying revelation about who and what they are…These are among the nineteen nightmarish tales that await you in the THEATER MACABRE…

Table of Contents:

Head in the Clouds
How the Night Receives Them
The Acquaintance
Long Distance
The Wrong Side of the Bed
The Tradition
Not Quite Ghosts
They See You When You’re Sleeping
From the Wall, a Whisper
Visiting Hours
Outside the Theater
A Letter from Phoenix
Eight Minutes

Preorder your copy here.


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