Book Cover Designs

I usually don’t talk about my book cover design work here, not for any other reason than that I usually forget, and generally keep it separate from my publishing news, but I thought I’d share with you some of the most recent cover designs I’ve worked on. Let me know what you think! You can see the full gallery at my Facebook design page here.


Cemetery Dance eBook Reissue of KILL WHITEY by Brian Keene


Cemetery Dance eBook reissue of SHADES by Geoff Cooper & Brian Keene


Festa-Verlag German edition of NIGHT SHOW by Richard Laymon


Paperback & digital re-release of my novel CURRENCY OF SOULS


Paperback & digital release of THEIR LAST DYING ACTS by R. Thomas Riley


eBook edition of FLIGHT by R.A. Evans


eBook Cover for PALADIN AND THE CONCRETE BLONDE by Jason Ridler


eBook and paperback cover design for SINGULARITY by Joe Hart

See more cover designs here.


12 thoughts on “Book Cover Designs

  1. Love the Paladin cover! And the shades one as well…that blue sky is just captivating and attempts to pull you inside the book!

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