THE SEVEN: Gary Raisor

Continuing my interview series called THE SEVEN, in which I invite some of my favorite authors to answer seven questions about their most recent projects, today’s guest is Gary Raisor, a writer I first discovered in the pages of the much-missed magazines Night Cry and The Horror Show, and more recently in Cemetery Dance and Grave Tales. His mosaic novel (a linked series of stories) Sinister Purposes, also released by Cemetery Dance Publications and now available digitally, ranks as one of the best single author collections I’ve read. Empty Places, his graphic novella released by Crossroad Press, is also a particularly fine read, with wonderful artwork by Jeff Austin.

* * *

Q. What is your most recent release?

Less Than Human to Crossroad Press.

Q. What inspired the project?

A desire to mix two of my favorite genres, westerns and horror.

Q. What is the primary theme you’ve chosen to explore with this project?

The nature of friendship, particularly the boundaries.

Q. Of everything you’ve written to date, which project has been the most difficult for you?

Rewriting some parts in my next release Sinister Purposes. I felt like I missed it the first time around. Got another chance, but damn it’s hard to find that same mindset as the first time I wrote these stories.

Q. Which title would you suggest as a good introduction for newcomers to your work, and why?

I’d go with Less Than Human. It’s the one that I’ll be remembered for, if I’m remembered at all.

Q. What are your thoughts on the burgeoning digital market?

It’s a jungle, and I’ve lost my compass. Help!

Q. What’s next for you?

Hopefully a new novel, soon as I wrestle Sinister Purposes into shape.

* * *

Visit Gary at his blog here.


4 thoughts on “THE SEVEN: Gary Raisor

  1. Nice one, Kealan. It’s been so long since I’ve heard anything about Gary Raisor that I thought he must have stopped writing. Good to see he hasn’t. He’s a very talented writer, but his work is hard to find. I’ve only ever read Less Than Human and his short story The Right Thing in The Best of Cemetery Dance. Both were excellent and left me wanting more, so I’m definitely going to buy the updated Sinister Purposes.


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