While we wait for the release of Nemesis in a few weeks, here are some free reads for you to enjoy.

The first of them is a brand new novella set in the town of Milestone (the fictional setting for my novel Currency of Souls, and the novella Thirty Miles South of Dry County), entitled “When the Shadows are Hungry and Cold”. It’s currently available via Subterranean magazine online, but if reading on your computer doesn’t float your boat, the magazine is also available for digital download on

Also in the Subterranean Press archives, you can read three more stories of mine for free: “The Acquaintance”, “Saturday Night at Eddie’s” and “Head in the Clouds”. All of these stories are also available for digital download on, Smashwords, B&N, and all digital booksellers, either as standalone stories (“The Acquaintance” and “Saturday Night at Eddie’s”) or as part of a collection (“Head in the Clouds” in Theater Macabre), though they’re all paid titles.

“Underneath” is still available as a free download on Amazon UK.

And as always, The Turtle Boy, the first book in the Timmy Quinn series, which will conclude with the forthcoming novel-length volume Nemesis, is free wherever e-books are sold.


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