The Timmy Quinn Series #1: THE TURTLE BOY

With NEMESIS due out this month, I thought it might be worthwhile to highlight each book in the series, one per week until the release. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about the books.

We’ll start with THE TURTLE BOY, currently (and most likely permanently) free as a digital download for all platforms.

The genesis of the story was a simple one. I wrote it in two weeks during the summer of 2002 in an old farmhouse in Delaware, Ohio. While pondering story ideas, I happened to look out my office window and see my stepson and his friend beating a path through the overgrowth, heading back through the fields to the pond behind the houses. Everything is pretty much as I described it in the story. The pond was a beautiful little place, hidden among the pine trees close to the railroad tracks. This was in the years before the developers colored it an artificial green and killed everything in it, of course, and before the current owners stuck up a NO TRESPASSING sign to keep people away. My neighbor once claimed that the pond was home to turtles the size of Buicks, and that one time while fishing, one of them had bitten a hunk of his finger off.

How could I not write about this place?

As I watched the boys embarking on their adventure, I thought of the sheer innocence of the scene. Then of course, the horror writer in me kicked in and I found myself imagining what else they might find at the pond…

THE TURTLE BOY was published as the first hardcover title by upstart publisher Necessary Evil Press, and to my delight, it went on to win the Bram Stoker Award a year later, after which it promptly sold out. It remained out of print for seven years, during which time it commanded ridiculous prices on the secondary market, before I made the decision to make it available digitally.

Since then, it has seen roughly a quarter of a million downloads and averages 1,000 downloads a day. Even if only 1% of those people read it, it’s still immensely gratifying to have that little book exposed to such a broad audience.

A lot of the questions raised in THE TURTLE BOY will finally be answered in NEMESIS. Most significantly, we’ll spend some time with Timmy’s father and Darryl Gaines in the days leading up to the boy’s murder. The pond makes more than one appearance and we’ll get to meet Pete again.

If you haven’t yet read THE TURTLE BOY, you can find it anywhere e-books are sold. Here are some links:

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Barnes & Noble


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