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This fall will see the release, in both hardcover and digital, of my new novel NEMESIS, the fifth book in the Timmy Quinn series (the previous books are THE TURTLE BOY, THE HIDES, VESSELS, and PEREGRINE’S TALE.) After inviting questions from fans of the series across Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and my newsletter, I thought I’d take the top five most-asked questions and answer them here. So, without further ado, here are five things you need to know about NEMESIS.

n(5) It’s a full-length novel.

The books in the series are fairly short (THE TURTLE BOY – 24,000 words, THE HIDES – 44,000 words, VESSELS – 30,000 words, and PEREGRINE’S TALE – 10,000 words). NEMESIS, currently (and I say currently because there is some editing still ahead) weighs in at 90,000 words, making it the first (and last) full-length novel of the series.

(4) Everything is…

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  1. Love the Timmy Quinn series !!! Read all four books in a week…….couldn’t put them down…..just biting my nails till the Nemesis is released……….Love your writing…

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