Where the Wyeth Girl Ends…


Christina's World 1948 Museum of Modern Art, N...

"There better not be any inbred cannibal lunatics up in that barn."


Susan Schofield, horror maven and convention-goer (we met for the first time at HorrorHound here in Columbus a few weeks ago), sent me an interesting message earlier today, in which she pointed out the similarity between the cover of my novel KIN, and the Andrew Wyeth painting, “Christina’s World.” The KIN cover is an amalgam of two pieces of stock art (the woman in one, the barn and field in the other), which I chose, combined in Photoshop, and then sent on to the infinitely more capable design team at Cemetery Dance Publications to finish.


"There better not be any inbred cann...oh wait, there was."

In Susan’s words: “To me, it looks like the “before” scene to KIN‘s “after” scene.

As the poor girl in the Wyeth painting had polio and so had enough on her plate to deal with, we can be glad that’s not the case, though I must admit the Wyeth piece does bear a slight resemblance to KIN, if only in tone. Which is not to say I think the KIN cover is a comparable work of art by any means (it isn’t, but I dig it), but I can see how it would call to mind the Wyeth piece.

What do you think?


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