Halloween Guest Blog: Brian James Freeman

Today’s guest is Brian James Freeman, author of Black Fire (as James Kidman), the novella Blue November Storms, and the Internet phenomenon and masterpiece of subtle horror, The Painted Darkness. He is also managing editor of Cemetery Dance magazine, and publisher of Lonely Road Books, who have in their short time in the field, put out such notable titles as Dark Forces: The 25th Anniversary Special Edition, edited by Kirby McCauley, Blockade Billy by Stephen King, and The Exorcist: The 4oth Anniversary Special Limited Edition by William Peter Blatty, to name a few. Upcoming projects include The Strain: The Deluxe Special Edition, by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, and The Vampyricon Trilogy: The Definitive Special Edition by Douglas Clegg.

Here, Brian ponders one of the common worries associated with exercise: death, though not in the way you might expect…

* * *


Brian James Freeman

I’m pretty sure someone on the other side of my neighborhood is trying to kill me.

I don’t mean that too seriously, of course, but maybe just a little bit. Here’s the deal:

I like to run in the evening, but given when the sun sets these days, these runs are usually in the dark. No problem, I’ve been running in the dark for years without too many issues or incidents.

But then this time of year comes around: Halloween. I love Halloween. But it definitely makes running at a night a different experience.

The decorations go up everywhere, which means extra lights, which is actually kind of nice — even though they’re mostly orange and purple, which gets kind of trippy when you’re pushing yourself too hard to finish climbing a monster hill.

But Halloween decorations aren’t just a jack-o-lantern on the front step and a few fake tombstones and a pile of bones in the yard these days.

Some people are getting really elaborate with props. Some of these props even move.

I can dig that. I actually like it. When I can see what’s coming, that is.

There’s a blind curve on my run, in the darkest part of the neighborhood, and every night for the last week I’ve been caught off guard by the ten foot tall Grim Reaper that lunges out of the darkness as I pass by.

Holy crap, that thing is scary!

What’s even scarier is that the homeowner keeps MOVING it to different parts of the curve, and each night I think he must have turned the prop off, and then BOOM! There’s the grim reaper, leaping out of the darkness at me with his scythe!

And each night, once I’ve confirmed I’m not really having a heart attack, my imagination goes into overdrive and I start wondering… what if it’s the actual Grim Reaper next time? How will I know the difference until it’s too late?

So thanks Mr. Neighbor Pal for making Halloween so darn festive this year. If I don’t die, I’ll be sure to thank you.


Visit Brian James Freeman at his website, his blog, or via the author’s Facebook and Twitter pages. And to keep abreast of the latest developments at Brian’s publishing house, visit Lonely Road Books.



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