The Year Ahead: Update

It’s been a while since I posted anything but announcements, and for that I apologize. In trying to make up for two years of virtual inactivity on the writing front, I’ve been doing little else but writing up a storm. In addition, my cover art and design service has taken off in a big way, so my time has been winnowed down to almost nothing. But I figure it might be a good idea to take a breather and let you (and myself, lest I forget) know what the rest of the year holds in terms of book releases:

First up there’s a new, and rather long novel, called KIN, which, while not yet officially announced by publisher Cemetery Dance (best known for publishing a slew of the genre’s top authors, including Stephen King), is currently appearing in advance review copy form, and was mentioned in a recent FANGORIA article. The book is about the survivor of a TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE-like atrocity, who returns home and has to deal with the trauma, guilt and ghosts that come as the price of getting away, until the brother of one of the victims–a not quite stable survivor of a different and familiar war–convinces her to go back to seek revenge on her tormentors. The book is tentatively scheduled for a fall release.

Also on the slate is a print version of THE LIVING, previously only available online as a choose-your-own-adventure-style novel, or “wovel” (web-novel), via Underland Press. The book was written a chapter at a time, each chapter ending with two choices, which readers would vote on to determine which direction the next chapter would take. It was a fun, challenging, if not entirely successful experiment. As a result, the trade paperback, to be issued as part of Creeping Hemlock Press’s PRINT IS DEAD zombie line (endorsed by none other than the godfather of the undead himself, George A. Romero), the book will be substantially edited and rewritten to make a more cohesive whole. THE LIVING is about a zombie outbreak that resurrects the victims, not all of them cannibalistic brain-munchers. Rather, death costs them their memories and souls and the government has issued an order that the families turn in their dead so that they can be studied. One man, stubbornly refusing to believe his resurrected wife is not the woman he loves, even though she does not seem to remember or care about him, decides to help her escape the city. The revelation that she is carrying a child in her womb that’s inexplicably alive, may be the key to changing the world, for both the living and the dead, if the government, and various other mutated creatures, don’t kill them first.

JACK & JILL is a rather grim little novella I wrote as part of Cemetery Dance’s Collector’s Edition series (i.e. the amount of copies published was determined by the number of preorders, and consequently, is now out of print). The story is about a woman plagued by nightmares of an incident from her childhood, an incident her subconscious seems to be rewriting so that she no longer knows what to trust, or who to blame. As she searches for the truth, a monstrous figure from her dreams begins to affect her reality, threatening her life and the lives of those she loves. The book features beautiful cover art from the very talented Italian artist Fabio Selvatici. You can see it here. And for those who missed out on the preorder window, I will be making the book available again at some point, and in some format, most likely as part of a future collection, and/or as an e-book title for the Kindle.

Also on the novella front are two new titles, THIRTY MILES SOUTH OF DRY COUNTY, and WHEN THE SHADOWS ARE HUNGRY AND COLD, one of which will be published in an anthology of novellas, the other, as a standalone title. And while I can’t yet go into detail until their respective publishers choose to announce them, I can tell you that both stories are set in Milestone, the near-dead town featured in my novel CURRENCY OF SOULS.

Both CURRENCY OF SOULS and THE TURTLE BOY will see release this year, or early next in foreign language editions. CURRENCY OF SOULS will be released as a mass market paperback by Polish publisher Proszynski Media, while THE TURTLE BOY will be released in hardcover, paperback, and audio by Italian publisher Gargoyle Books. This edition of THE TURTLE BOY will also include PEREGRINE’S TALE.

On the short story front, a number of my previously published stories are currently reappearing in a series of anthologies designed for distribution exclusively in e-book format. There are a few more of these books still to appear, but in the meantime, you can find the following at or wherever e-books are sold: BRIMSTONE DREAMS, edited by Joe NassiseHALLOWEEN SPIRITS, edited by Lisa Morton, POSSESSED, edited by Nate Kenyon, and AMERICAN HORROR, edited by Scott Nicholson.

And speaking of e-books, if you’re one of those readers who have enjoyed my work, but frequently lamented the fact that they were previously only available in expensive limited editions, I invite you to check out the list of available titles I have made available as e-books.

In movie news (still sounds strange to say that), the little-movie-that-could, SLIME CITY MASSACRE, in which I play the male lead, opposite Jennifer Biel, and such genre stalwarts as Debbie Rochon, Brooke Lewis, and Lee Perkins, is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray at Wal-Mart, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retail outlets. In a few months, you’ll also be able to stream it from your favorite In Demand channel. The movie will also be doing a limited theatrical run, which is no small feat for an independent production. Kudos to director Greg Lamberson for his tireless efforts to get SCM seen by as many people as possible.

More updates as they come in!


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