KIN Gets A Release Date

Cemetery Dance Publications have revealed some of their upcoming titles, among them my new novel, KIN.

From the FANGORIA article:

“In addition, Cemetery Dance is releasing KIN, a novel from award-winning newcomer Kealan Patrick Burke (THE TURTLE BOY). This gruesome tale of carnage and revenge seems to have been inspired by survivalist horrors such as THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. KIN deals with the aftermath of the savage, cannibalistic Elkwood Massacre, of which the haunted Claire Lambert is the only survivor. Along with a handful of strangers whose lives were impacted by the assault, Claire hungers for revenge. KIN debuts in September.

A few words about the inspiration for KIN, from an interview conducted by Blu Gilliand at The October Country:

“I once got into an online debate about the merits of horror novels and movies in the backwoods-inbred psycho-cannibal subgenre. My contention was that efforts thus far had failed to give the characters, both antagonists and protagonists, any humanity, negating the viewer’s ability to empathize with the latter or care to understand the motivations of the former. One response to my heated diatribe was “put up, or shut up.” I really had no intention of writing a novel-length response. It just didn’t interest me enough and, in my opinion, had already been done to death. Until I took a trip to Alabama and saw for the first time a cotton field, red dirt, and a makeshift village of lean-tos all but stacked atop each other on the side of a hill. I was inspired.

At the end of a lot of these backwoods cannibal movies, there’s a survivor. Unless there’s a twist and he (though invariably it’s a she), gets shockingly murdered in the last five minutes, we see them sobbing and driving off into the sunset. I found myself wondering what life would be like for that survivor when they got home. What kind of existence awaits someone who has seen what they’ve seen, done what they had to do to make it out of there? Think of the survivor’s guilt, the trauma, the nightmares, the constant fear that the killers might still be coming for you. Think of the ghosts, the paralyzing terror that clings to you like a shadow, the ghoulish curiosity of the media, the barely restrained resentment from the parents of your dead friends, whose eyes say to you: why did you survive? why not my baby?  And think of the primal rage that tells you the only way to set things right, and to keep the horror from being visited upon others, is to gather together people who also know loss, people perhaps a little less stable than you, and go back for revenge.

These are the questions that led me to finally sit down and write Kin.”


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