Revenant (The Timmy Quinn Theme)

Every writer has a friend that raves about their work, but few writers have friends who, over the course of a year, develop an incredibly moving piece of music based on one of their books.

Though I knew almost from the beginning that Alexandra was working on “Revenant”, which was inspired by the Timmy Quinn stories (The Turtle Boy, The Hides, Vessels, and Peregrine’s Tale), I had absolutely no idea what to expect. Not only did she write the music and perform violin duty on the piece, she also gathered together fellow students at her music school to play and record the track so that she could present it to me as a Christmas gift.

To say I was honored and moved is an understatement. To hear the piece, click on the following link, and please feel free to leave your feedback. I will of course, pass it along to Alexandra.

Revenant by Alexandra Vargo



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