Announcing: JACK & JILL

Cemetery Dance Publications today announced their Exclusive Collectors Set–an exclusive set of signed  limited editions that you can only preorder direct from the publisher, and only for a two week window. The amount of copies that will be produced of these books will depend entirely on the amount of orders the publisher receives. The set comprises three books. The first is an anthology, Four Killers, featuring stories by Peter Straub, Joe Lansdale, Brian Keene, and Ray Garton. The second is Vortex, by Ray Garton. The third is Jack & Jill, by yours truly.

Jack & Jill is the story of a woman being eaten alive by trauma from her past, and the shadowy things that inhabit it. It’s probably my grimmest piece of work to date (it makes “Empathy”–which apparently ruined many people’s chances of a good night’s sleep after they read it–look like a Sunday stroll through the roses), and really, considering the theme, there really wasn’t any other way it could have turned out. But I’m proud of it; it’s one of my favorite stories to date, and at almost 30,000 words, it’s the longest piece I’ve written in almost two years.

Here’s the synopsis:

When they were kids, Gillian and John used to visit the local cemetery every Sunday after church. It was a curious place for children to frequent, but they had their reasons. The main attraction was the lofty hill that separated the cemetery from the elementary school, and the act of tumbling down it like Jack and Jill was a ritualistic escape from the abuse they were suffering at their father’s hands.

It was an escape that lasted only until John’s tragic death.

Now, Gillian is all grown up. Married with two children, she has managed over the years to force the trauma of her nightmarish childhood into the darkest recesses of her mind. But lately…

Lately there are dreams, and in them Gillian sees impossibly vivid reenactments of the horrors she endured as a child. Nightly, she sees John die all over again, only not in the way she remembers.

And something else is in those dreams, stalking her, a terrible figure with wire-hanger hands and a plastic bag wrapped around its rotten face. A monster whose reach starts to extend beyond the boundaries of sleep into the waking world, threatening everything Gillian holds dear.

A monster she once called Daddy.

You can read the full details abut Cemetery Dance’s Exclusive Collectors Set at the publisher’s website.



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