Never one to turn down the opportunity to have fun and do something different, I can officially announce that I will be playing one of the male leads–Cory–in Greg Lamberson’s SLIME CITY MASSACRE, the long-awaited sequel to his cult classic SLIME CITY, an over-the-top, hilarious gorefest, which start shooting in July. Stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, below you can read the press release and see the delightfully gruesome cover art for the film…




CONTACT: Greg Lamberson, The Slime City Massacre Company –

Cameras will roll on SLIME CITY MASSACRE, writer-director Gregory Lamberson’s sequel to his 1988 splatter film SLIME CITY, in Buffalo, New York, this July. The film is being produced by Marc Makowski, who co-produced the original.

SLIME CITY MASSACRE serves as both a prequel and a sequel to the original cult film. Flashbacks set in 1959 show how cult leader Zachary Devon formed his Coven of Flesh, and why its members committed ritual suicide, setting the stage for the events depicted in SLIME CITY. In the new film’s main narrative, set in a post holocaust New York City, four survivors discover Zachary’s elixir and “Himalayan yogurt” in the ruins of his soup kitchen and become possessed by the spirits of the dead cult members. The story focuses on a battle between three factions: the“Slime Heads,” cannibals and mercenaries.

Popular actress and FANGORIA Radio hostess Debbie Rochon, award-winning horror author Kealan Patrick Burke, and newcomer Jennifer Bihl (who appeared in Lamberson’s short film GRUESOME) join SLIME CITY stars Robert C. Sabin and Mary Bogle for this new chapter in the slime saga. Other parts will be played by scream queen Brooke Lewis, erotic/horror author and tarot card reader Sephera Giron, and Tommy Sweeney, who starred in Lamberson’s UNDYING LOVE and co-starred in NAKED FEAR.

“It’s a much more ambitious project than any of my previous films,” says Lamberson, who anticipates completing the film for a 2010 release. “It’s full of action and really outrageous, over the top gore sequences, as you would expect from any film aimed at fans of 1980s horror flicks.”

The film will utilize old school latex special make-up effects and cutting edge digital work. Special make-up effects will be handled by Craig Lindberg in New York City and Zombified Studios in Buffalo, with R.J. Sevin, one of the founders of Creeping Hemlock Press, creating the digital effects.

Last year, Medallion Press and Bad Moon Books published Lamberson’s novel Johnny Gruesome and McFarland published his nonfiction book CHEAP SCARES! Low Budget Horror Filmmakers Share Their Secrets. This October, Medallion Press is reprinting his first novel, Personal Demons, as a mass market paperback.


Greg Lamberson’s website:


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