It’s time to toy with eye-strain and/or blow up your printer. For a limited time you can read the acclaimed Timmy Quinn series of novellas THE TURTLE BOY, THE HIDES, and VESSELS at the free fiction area of my website. Simply click the links to read the stories as printable files you can download to your desktop. Feel free to share the links, but please no hocking them as ebooks (I’m looking at you, Mr. Malaysian eBay guy.)

So if you’ve wanted to read the series and can’t find them for less than the price of your firstborn, now’s your chance! These will only be available for a few weeks, so get ’em while they’re going! When you’re done, drop me an email or leave a comment on my blog to let me know what you thought (whether positive or negative.)


Free Fiction




  1. Gee wilikers, and I just got my physical copy of Turtle Boy finally off of eBay! I blogged about your freebies. These books are MUST READS for anyone and everyone. I can’t wait to read the prequel and the finale!

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  5. Will these ever be offered as “freebies” again? I just received my copy of The Turtle Boy: Peregrine’s Tale from CD publications and don’t want to pay the insane prices people are asking for your first three. I’m disappointed they aren’t avaialable as “mass market” paperbacks for the general public.

    • You and me both, Matthew, and believe me it’s not for the lack of trying. If it will help, I’d be glad to send you PDF files of the other three books to complete your collection (though I do have one copy each of THE TURTLE BOY and VESSELS for sale ($40 and $30 respectively.) If you’re interested, drop me a line at and I’ll be glad to help you out.

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