Master of the Moors

My new novel MASTER OF THE MOORS is finally out and shipping to customers now, and the reviews are starting to come in. Here are some samples from the first of them. Click on the links to read the full reviews.

“[T]he themes are big and the peril is honestly engaging. By and large this is a wonderful specimen of the genre–-well worth reading under the covers with a flashlight.” — Cherie Priest, Subterranean Magazine

“Burke has effectively crafted a suspenseful, atmospheric horror tale, a page-turning mystery that doesn’t giving anything away until the very end” — Monster Librarian

“Burke evokes the creepy atmosphere beautifully and the gory scenes are done with as much taste as is possible under the circumstances.” — Don D’Ammassa (Critical Mass) 


* * *

The online novel or “wovel” I’ve been writing every week for the past 20 weeks, has finally reached its conclusion. If you haven’t been following the episodes, head on over to Underland to read THE LIVING.



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