Underland Press is Alive!

Late yesterday evening, new publisher Underland Press went live with their new website. Among the features you’ll find there are the first chapter of THE LIVING, my online novel, which is being written as per the choices made by the reader–a choose-your-own-adventure type thing. It’s an innovative and exciting project, and both the publisher and I are eager to see how it fares.

From the publisher’s website:

A WOVEL is a web novel

It is the first of its kind. The author writes it. The readers vote on it. Here’s how it works:

Every week, the author posts an installment. Installment length hits the sweet-spot of online reading—long enough to get interested, short enough to read in the cubicle at work. At the end of every installment, the author writes in a plot branch point. Does the heroine kill her lover? Will the zombies catch the soldier? Is the box empty, or is it filled with bees?


On Monday, the post goes up. Voting is open through Thursday. The author writes Thursday and Friday. The editors edit Friday and Saturday. The post goes back up on Monday. Part literature, part exquisite corpse. The pace of print journalism, the imagination of fiction, the spark of reader participation.


* * *

I’ll also be discussing the project here as it goes along. It should be interesting. After all, writing without an outline is nothing new to me (I generally begin a story with just the concept and let it evolve on its own.) Writing when the major decisions are in the hands of the reader, however, is totally alien, and a challenge I’m more than eager to tackle.

Read the first chapter of THE LIVING and cast your votes here.

You can also read a nice writeup of the publisher and their various projects at Fantasy Book Spot.


2 thoughts on “Underland Press is Alive!

  1. Thanks Lahlitah!

    Jason: I’m not entirely sure, but the information that Cory (Doctorow) was given was incorrect. In addition to the wrong author, it also says that the book is a detective novel, which it isn’t. Unfortunately, tons of author sites borrowed the news from Boing Boing, so for a while, everyone had it wrong.


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