They Know Unspeakable Horror

Sounds like a melodramatic quote from a ’70’s B-movie, delivered perhaps by Christopher Lee, but the title of this post refers to some stories I have coming out soon in a duo of anthologies.

The first is a reprint entitled “They Know”, a lengthy tale of snowbound horror that will be familiar to anyone who has read the Delirium Books edition of my first collection RAVENOUS GHOSTS. “They Know” (and the shorter tale “Leftovers”) was added as an incentive for anyone who had purchased the book in its previous (and ill-fated) trade paperback incarnation. But as the Delirium edition was limited to a high-priced 150-copy run, not many people have had the chance to read the story. So, it will appear soon, appropriately enough, in the WINTER FRIGHTS anthology, to be published by upstart publisher Magus Press. The book will, as the title suggests, feature stories set in winter, that most unforgiving of seasons. Contributors include: Michael A. Arnzen, Eric Christ, James S. Dorr, JG Faherty, Darren O. Godfrey, Michael McBride, Joe McKinney, Lisa Morton, Kim Paffenroth, Stephen Mark Rainey, and Bev Vincent.

Preorder information will be available soon. The book is slated, unsurprisingly, for a winter release.

* * *

Next up is a brand new story entitled “A Letter from Phoenix”, which is slated to appear in Dark Scribe Magazine’s maiden anthology UNSPEAKABLE HORROR: FROM THE SHADOWS OF THE CLOSET.

From the publisher’s website:

“Set for release in trade paperback this fall, UNSPEAKABLE HORROR will feature an eclectic lineup of talent from both the horror and GLBT literary communities. To date, we’ve collected a brilliant sampling of queer horror stories that will surprise with their universally resonant themes while exploring the deeper aspects of the closet experience – coming out, staying in, being haunted by. From the ghosts of dead lovers and malevolent queer faeries to devious doppelgangers and twisted psychopaths, UNSPEAKABLE HORROR speaks to the ideas of innocence lost and innocence found…to revenge and redemption. Most of all, it’s about what lurks in those dark shadows at the back of our closets. And the horrors found there promise to be unspeakable.”

Joining me on the table of contents are Christopher Fox, L.A. Fields, Rick R. Reed, Lee Thomas, Micheal Hacker, Reesa Brown, Jude Wright, Erin MacKay, C. Michael Cook, Elissa Malcohn, Jan Vander Laenen, Kevin W. Reardon, Lisa Morton, Gary McMahon, Maria Alexander, Michelle Scalise, Joy Marchand, Scott Nicholson, Jameson Currier, and Sarah Langan, with more contributors to be announced over the coming days…


2 thoughts on “They Know Unspeakable Horror

  1. CONGRATS, Kealan! First I heard about the Turtle Boy sequel — that’s awesome. And I am looking forward to reading your piece in Winter Frights (what a cool cover, no?).

    What cons are you attending this year? Will you be at Horrorfind, and will 121 be available there? I want to get that book and have you sign a copy. I love your short stories.

    — Mike Arnzen

  2. Thanks Mike!

    I agree about the WINTER FRIGHTS cover. Chillingly apt, I’d say.

    I’m afraid it’s not looking likely that I’ll be hitting any conventions this year. I have a whole lot of other traveling going on, including a trip back to Ireland in July. That said, I may be able to make Context in September, as it’s close, but it will depend on what else is going on.


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